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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Being a Network Engineer: Joining Verizon

I got asked questions coming from all angles - HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, MLPPP, at what layer is IPSec, OSPF, BGP, IOS configuration, IOS basics, cabling, MPLS, etc.

One of them told me that they won't ask me question regarding BGP and MPLS because it would be unfair. Well, they're nice but it seems the people I'd be working with won't be so forgiving.

Most of the questions were focused on router basics and was I in for an incovenience - my last hands on work on a router was 2003!

I've been putting time to do Microsoft because it's funding me with respect to my Cisco dream. I feel like I'm sleeping with the devil. ^_^

I got to the place around 10PM and I left the vicinity at around 1AM. There were 4 panelists each each one was asking questions or adding questions to the other panelists questions. Most likely, all of them were CCNPs.

The funniest part of the interview process must have been when they asked me what do I do in my spare time. One of the panelist commented, "Don't tell me you read books."


Plus since I bought my own routers, it kind of rocked during the interview.

During the last minutes I heard the most scariest statements made during the entire interview process - "How soon can you start?" and "HR will contact you."


Up to now, I don't know why I'm having butterflies. It seems I'd be dealing with the same type of clients I had when I was at Trend Micro. Maybe that's one of them. Maybe because I'm starting to chicken out. Or maybe it's because I'm already setting expectations for myself that I might not able to achieve.

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