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Monday, December 24, 2007

Side Notes 4:57PM 24 Dec 2007

Q: What is the story with memory: can it install with less than 512 MB, and will it be supported to run with less than 512 MB?
A: Server Core cannot be installed with less than 512 MB. It will not be supported to run with less than 512 MB.

Um, the above is from Microsoft. So, what did I do in the past to have raised an eyebrow with the chat above?

ServerCore and Memory Issues
ServerCore installs on a 512MB machine. I just installed it on a virtualized environment and eventually changing memory allocation to only 256MB.

Does that mean VirtualPC 2007 is messing up?


My best guess is that it will run on a machine with less than 512MB of memory but if you plan to do something with ServerCore, other than see how it works, you'd definitely be putting in some more memory in there.

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